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SD Streaming is San Diego's premiere service for live event streaming. From meetings and conferences to large celebrations and services, SD Streaming can expand your event beyond its location.

Custom log-in domains and sites keep your brand or event image constant and clear. Chat capabilities allow user interaction and inclusion for everyone. On-Demand video services are also available for convenience and guaranteed viewing, now or later.

SD Streaming works with you within San Diego County and beyond -- we do travel to distant locations.

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San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming

We are a San Diego-based web streaming production company.

We handle events such as corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, summits, symposiums, classes, recitals, lectures, concerts, courses, sports, worship services, weddings, funerals, fundraisers, conventions, press conferences, kickoffs, rallies, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, ground-breaking ceremonies, retirement ceremonies, charity functions, ship launchings, inaugurations, and so on... anything that needs to be put in front of a live online audience or be made available for watching soon after the event ends.

Our online streaming software is fully customizable to fit your needs, as it is proprietary and developed in-house. Colors, logos, graphics, images, and fonts can all be modified for your event. Our web app can be instantly launched to any new url, or embedded directly on your website. We have different live event options:

The chat feature can be replaced or complemented by a question submit box or social media boxes as your event requires. We have an optional registration form for users to fill out before they watch the stream. There is a log of participants who sign in, and statistical reports can be generated on the day after the event. The chat has a moderator section, which allows one person or more to administer the comments.

If your event is being recorded for same-day online viewing but not live-streamed, we can post it online where it will be available on-demand behind a password-protected link, which you can sell viewers access to. If you are just recording your event, we can deliver the files to you on a disc or flash drive, or send you the files via Dropbox or FTP. We can even upload them to YouTube for you!

As far as video production goes, you can have multiple camera angles all being professionally live-switched, and you can bring in live Powerpoint presentations or pre-recorded videos to incorporate into the live video. We do IP Videoconferencing with high-end VTC equipment, or we can bring in remote presenters by using Skype or Oovoo. We do live overlay graphics and sports scores/timers. We can supply microphones and any other sound equipment required for your event.

We normally work with a lot of AV production companies who put on shows and events. We can seamlessly integrate with any sound system that is already in place and work together with other technicians. While we can provide equipment for any event, if your event is large in scope we usually team up with an AV company that is more apt to handle those needs so we can focus on what we do best: streaming and recording.

We would be happy to provide more information or set up a consultation or demo.
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San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming
San Diego Live Streaming